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QLink Technology helps to protect normal brain cell function in the presence of Mobile Phones

The study of brain changes in 24 normal adults, conducted by Dr Rodney Croft, at the Brain & Behaviour Research Institute at the University of Wollongong, Australia, in collaboration with the Dept of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behaviour at Imperial College Medical School, London and the department of Psychology at Coventry University, England, indicated that wearing the QLink reduced the effects of active mobile phones on human brain cells.

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Brainwave frequency

The density and frequency of brainwaves on 30 subjects was measured to investigate the effects of an EMF stressor and the QLink on resting brainwaves.




Double Blind Study by Dr. Norman Shealy and Professor William Tiller was conducted using 30 subjects to investigate the effects of an electromagnetic field (EMF) stressor and the QLink on the power spectra resting EEG (brainwaves).


This study indicates the following: "Prior to these tests using the QLink, there had been no known approach for EMF sensitive individuals that allowed them to resist the effects of EMF on brain functions. These tests show the QLink's potential for helping to regulate these effects".


These conclusions are congruent with the experiences of QLink users who report enhanced mental performance, including increased ability to think and concentrate. Both the objective facts and conclusions of this study and the subjective experiences of QLink users indicate strengthened resilience and resistance responses to an electromagnetic (EMF) stressor on brain functions.


These studies show the QLink's power to strengthen resilience to stress.

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