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Osun EMF Hunter

       EMF Hunter


You could use this meter to choose the appliances with the lowest radiation, stay away from dangerous radiation sources, and popular for ghost hunting!

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EMF Hunter


You can have our EMF Hunter to detect and sense the invisible fields around you! It has 3 separate sensors (HF, LF, and Temperature) that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on three Sci-Fi styled LED bars!  Utilizing state-of-art technology, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you!  You will be amazed at what you find.

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EMF Hunter stands out from other high end detectors on the market


    *  For cell/mobile phones, power lines, and all other electrical appliances, as well as ghost hunting.


    *  3 dimensional detection means easy, accurate and speedy detection.


    *  Superior accuracy!

        Measures low frequency and high frequency radiations precisely with numerical bar display.


    *  Visible in the dark!

        Both visual and audible alarm gives clear indication of radiation levels even in the dark.


    *  Unique temperature reading capability to detect elevated temperature as a result of EMF exposure.  


    *  Colour code of Safe/Caution/Warning with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to indicate the EMF and

        HF radiation strength.  




    *  Green light: No EMF or HF radiation detected or it is at safe level.  

    *  Yellow light: EMF or HF radiation is strong.  

    *  Red light: EMF or HF radiation is very strong.  

    *  Temperature: 32 - 102 degrees. Warning at 99 degree.  

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