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QLink Technology helps to protect normal brain cell function in the presence of Mobile Phones

The study of brain changes in 24 normal adults, conducted by Dr Rodney Croft, at the Brain & Behaviour Research Institute at the University of Wollongong, Australia, in collaboration with the Dept of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behaviour at Imperial College Medical School, London and the department of Psychology at Coventry University, England, indicated that wearing the QLink reduced the effects of active mobile phones on human brain cells.

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Muscle Strength


This study was conducted to correlate improvements in acupuncture energy to the wearing on the Clarus QLink with SRT™.


Initially, a group of twelve patients were tested for acupuncture imbalance through AK (Applied Kinesiology). This is an accepted though subjective procedure whereby a muscle is tested for strength while a corresponding meridian is stimulated.


Once the acupuncture imbalance is detected, the patients were recommended to wear the QLink over the heart area and during day time only, over a period ranging from three to six months. Ten out of twelve patients seemed to recover from the imbalance initially noted. Two had imbalances other than the one initially observed, it is likely that they had other problems either initially or acquired later.


It is thus likely that the QLink removes acupuncture imbalances in subjects thus enhancing the healing process. Additionally, wearing the QLink seems to improve emotional balance.

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