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  * Detects electrical, high frequency, and magnetic fields and alarms when the
  field strength is beyond the recommended threshold.
  * For pacemaker and implantable defibrillator wearers.
  * Frequency up to 5.5GHz.
  * 9V battery.
  * Very easy to use.

  Pace Alert

The unit is very easy to use, and does not require a technical background.
In a court affidavit dated June 14, 2000, an Xcel official agreed that, when electric fields equal or exceed 1 kV/m
(which is common near power lines), "EMF can interfere with pacemakers." The official then took care to note this effect was entirely separate from EMF's cancer-causing potential. "The EMF described above is specifically related to those external electric fields that could potential interfere with the pacemaker's ability to sense normal electrical activity in the heart. The effect described above is different from other health effects of EMF exposure previously described in published scientific studies which examine the risk of cancer and other adverse effects on human health or reproducible biological effects."

A local paper reports in a January 17, 2001, article, an Xcel official, referring to the association between EMF and cancer, concedes that "...The issue is still open." The official adds, "And I think we still need additional research and an attempt to look at higher exposures, which has not been done in the past."