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Osun Pace Alert

       Pace Alert

The unit is very easy to use, and does not require a technical background.

In a court affidavit dated June 14, 2000, an Xcel official agreed that, when electric fields equal or exceed 1 kV/m

(which is common near power lines), "EMF can interfere with pacemakers." The official then took care to note this effect was entirely separate from EMF's cancer-causing potential. "The EMF described above is specifically related to those external electric fields that could potential interfere with the pacemaker's ability to sense normal electrical activity in the heart. The effect described above is different from other health effects of EMF exposure previously described in published scientific studies which examine the risk of cancer and other adverse effects on human health or reproducible biological effects."


A local paper reports in a January 17, 2001, article, an Xcel official, referring to the association between EMF and cancer, concedes that "...The issue is still open." The official adds, "And I think we still need additional research and an attempt to look at higher exposures, which has not been done in the past."

Special Offers

    * Detects electrical, high frequency, and magnetic fields and alarms when the

       field strength is beyond the recommended threshold.

    * For pacemaker and implantable defibrillator wearers.

    * Frequency up to 5.5GHz.

    * 9V battery.

    * Very easy to use.

When pacemakers are installed, most doctors warn patients to stay away from

electric, magnetic field (EMF), and high frequency (RF) sources. However, EMF

and RF are invisible and today’s life is full of electrical appliances. How to know

when to avoid electrical interfer-ence is a bothersome matter for the pacemaker

patients. Osun’s Pace-alert addresses this issue.


About Pace-alert

Osun’s Pace-alert is the first that detects AC electrical, high frequency, and AC

magnetic fields and alarms when the field strength is beyond the safety threshold.

The threshold was set up based on pacemaker manufacturer’s specifications and left enough safety margin

to give early warning before the sources actually start interfering the pacemakers.

The Pace-alert has four light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to indicate the status of the unit. The lit green LED shows

the battery is on. The three red LEDs represent alarms for electrical (E), high frequency (RF), and

magnetic (M) fields respectively, and will be on individually or jointly when one or more sources are stronger

than the thresholds.



For AC Electrical fields, alarm threshold is 4 KV/m., calibrated at 60 Hz. Frequency range is from 30 Hz to 5 KHz.

For RF, 500 KHz to 5.5 GHz, alarm threshold is 100 V/m (2.65 mW/cm2), calibrated at 2.45 GHz.

For Magnetic fields, alarm threshold is 1.5 Gauss, calibrated at 60 Hz. Frequency range is from 30 Hz to 5 KHz.

Unit is powered by a 9V battery. Current drain is about 30mA without alarm.


Power consumption and battery

Please pay attention to the polarity of the battery when installing it. Alkaline 9V battery will last more than 20 hours of continuous use, but a rechargeable battery will only last about 9 hours. It is strongly suggest that you take one extra battery with you when you are on a trip for safety purposes.


Strong EMF sources in our environment highly depend on what you do, where you go, and how you live. For example, if you live in downtown of a big city you may encounter many sources; if you are an electrician or welder then you definitely get close to electrical equipment more than other people. There are some common sources you could use to check the unit from time to time, probably once a month, to see if it works normally:

1. On the door seal of microwave ovens.

2. Less than 1 inch from the AC/DC adaptor used for the answering machine, CD player, or other small appliances.

When you run the test once the alarm goes off, and you know the unit is working then walk away from it. We do not recommend you stay near the source for a long period of time.


Size: 2.25"x5.25"x1". Weight: 5 oz.

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